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Are you intending to write a book? Perhaps in the humanities, or a history of your home town, or your memoirs? Or do you already have a manuscript that is almost finished?

In the past you were able to give your manuscript to a publishing house, where specialists such as editors, correctors and setters carried out all the work necessary until the book was ready for editing. In the computer age and a time when personal costs have skyrocketed, the author is now asked to prepare on his own a manuscript almost ready to be printed.

But where does one start? What exactly is the work necessary? Very often the word processor does what it wants. Who can fix that? How does one produce footnotes, headlines or registries? Is there any financial support available? What about the images? Or is it perhaps possible to edit the work on the internet. If so, how?

GPT offers you help from the initial phases until copy setting has been completed. All in one place.
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