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Genealogy - The Research Process

We start the research in our databases and continue in literature such as memor books or in publications on local history. Very often the results of this research alone are sufficient for the customer.

If further research is appropriate, we will continue it in various archives such as Franconian municipal or communal archives, the Bavarian State Archives of Bamberg, Coburg, Nuremburg and Würzburg or the German Federal Archives. In addition we conduct research with registries and with private people as well as in foreign archives.

Should an archive be located too far away, we contact it via email, telephone or ordinary mail.

Visits to Franconian archives usually, however, produce the best results.

The costumer will receive the results in the form of written research reports. These reports may consist of just a few or many pages and may include photos and xeroxes.
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Family chronicles are extensive and presented in a lavish layout.